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  • We offer high strength steel plates and parts at competitive prices. We provide in-house cutting, drilling, forming and machining, without the added costs of extra handling by multiple suppliers. 

  • High Strength Steel Plates Are Available for Sale in Thickness 2-200mm and Width 1250-2500mm

  • Grade of High Strength Steel Plates S460N, S460M/ML, S460Q/QL/QL1, S500Q/QL/QL1, S550Q/QL/QL1, S690Q/QL/L1, S890Q/QL/QL1, S960Q/QL/QL1, ASTM/ASME A709 (Gr.36, Gr.50, Gr.50S, Gr.50W, Gr.70W, Gr.100, HPS 50W, HPS 70W, HPS 100W), A710

High Strength steel Plates in India – Top Jindal, Steel Plates Dealers in India!

  • High Strength steel plates provide greater environmental corrosion resistance and are stronger than convention carbon steel. High Strength steel plate is also very ductile, highly formable and easy to weld. High Strength steel plate steels are not typically made to meet a certain chemical composition; instead they are known to meet specific mechanical properties. The high Strength steel plate specification is intended primarily for use in structural members, where savings in weight and added durability are critical.
  • Asaimet is a leading supplier of high strength steel plate in a variety of grades standards. High Strength steel plate can be used in truck frames, brackets, crane booms, rail cars and other comparable applications. Talk with one of our sales representatives today to get the best prices.
  • Asiamet large inventory of high strength and specialty steel plates in ready to ship in standard or precut standard sizes. If you need something special, take advantage of our custom cutting service to get just the size and shape you need for your next project. Plate annealing to reduce edge hardness is also available on request.
  • High Strength steel plates are ideal for a wide range of structural projects, machinery and equipment repair, or any project where maximum strength, toughness, impact and abrasive resistance is of primary concern.
Product High Strength Steel Plates
Thickness (mm) 2-200mm
Length 8000-120000mm
Width 1250-2200mm
Grade S460N, S460M/ML, S460Q/QL/QL1, S500Q/QL/QL1, S550Q/QL/QL1, S690Q/QL/L1, S890Q/QL/QL1, S960Q/QL/QL1 ASTM / ASME: A709 (Gr.36, Gr.50, Gr.50S, Gr.50W, Gr.70W, Gr.100, HPS 50W, HPS 70W, HPS 100W), A710
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High Strength Steel Plates Manufacturers, Suppliers
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What are the Advantages of Use of High Strength Steel Plates?

  • Design stresses can be increased by taking advantage of high-yield stress and tensile strength. This may result in a reduction of required plate thickness which can also save in terms of dead weight
  • If plate thickness reductions are possible, volumes of deposited weld material, and therefore weld consumables and weld times, can be significantly reduced
  • Simplified structural components and construction techniques are possible, particularly in the case of larger structures or heavily loaded sections. Therefore, not only is it possible to save on materials, but also on fabrication, transportation, handling and construction
  • Savings can be made in foundation costs and space requirements due to the reduced dead weight of a structure and the reduced physical size of its elements.

The Key Applications of High Strength Steel Plates Include:

  • Wearing Plates
  • Stone or iron chutes
  • Trucks frames
  • Brackets
  • Crane booms
  • Rail cars
  • Anti-drill Plates such as security doors, shot blasting equipment and tumbling machine